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Social Distancing and Hair Care

'Rona' has swept in and taken us all by surprise. She hit HARD, shutting just about everything down and she doesn't seem to be letting up anytime soon. Schools are closed, government and private agencies are ordering mandatory telework, and in some parts, it's a ghost town! Many of us tend to neglect self care when we don't see the outdoors for quite some time, especially when it comes to our hair.

Don't be THAT girl!

"Who am I getting cute for?"

"This style is going to LAST! I'm not taking this scarf/bonnet off!"

"I'll just wait to get my hair done"

Tips for SELF Hair Care During Quarantine

  • Remove or change your head covering as often as you change your clothes.

  • Comb your hair - comb out the dead hairs that have shed. (Yes! You shed DAILY!)

  • Oil your scalp (not your hair). Only a few drops will go a long way.

  • Use silk scarves, pillow cases, and head wraps. Avoid hats and head coverings except for silk, satin, and suede fabrics. The friction from cotton, wool, and other like materials will dry the hair and cause breakage.

  • Hydrate your hair. If you have braids and other protective styles, use a light hydrating mist to nourish your hair before tying it down.

  • Wrap/cover your hair EVERY time you lay down

  • Get some sun. Open the curtains and blinds and step outside for a moment. Our hair and skin could use a daily dose of Vitamin D.

  • Drink water!!! DRINK WATER! D R I N K W A T E R !!!! Our bodies are made up of 80% water, which includes our hair and skin.

  • If you must shampoo your hair, use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

  • Keep in contact with your hairstylist to receive updates on their operations to avoid the post "Rona" rush.

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